Movement Podcast

Take Your Own Medicine: A Coach's Journey

May 27, 2021 Gray Cook and Dr. Lee Burton Season 3 Episode 36
Movement Podcast
Take Your Own Medicine: A Coach's Journey
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As health and fitness professionals, it can be hard to face our own movement inadequacies.
On today’s episode, Gray sits down with Ashley and takes us through her own personal journey as a case study.
They break down her past history, look over her present routines, and plot out a course for her future goals.
Gray also covers common questions asked by those charting their own movement journey.
So let's get going with today’s Movement Podcast Powered by FMS.


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Brief explanation of Ashley's background
A coach's journey
Rehab, correction, conditioning
Athletic background and movement history
Lifestyle: Lack of sleep
Repetition of the dysfunction makes it feel normal
Ashley's SFMA lightbulb moment: leg raise
Lifting after pregnancy
Are correctives for forever?
How do you keep yourself or a client motivated to stay the course?
When should someone be re-screened?