Movement Podcast

Max Power in Rotational Sports

April 28, 2022 Gray Cook and Dr. Lee Burton | Dr. Greg Rose Season 5 Episode 53
Movement Podcast
Max Power in Rotational Sports
Show Notes

Creating controllable speed and power is a must-have to compete in rotational sports such as golf, tennis, and baseball. 

Today, we welcome our guest, Dr. Greg Rose to help us unlock this idea in our season 5 premiere. Greg brings a wealth of knowledge on the subject as the co-founder of Titleist Performance Institute and founder of OnBase University and RaquetFit, based in San Diego. 

On this episode, we cover durability versus performance, the impact of strength training in-season versus off-season, and how to decipher between mobility or stability problems to unleash more power.

So let’s spin up this season of the Movement Podcast – Powered by FMS.

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