Movement Podcast

Bettering Your Body's Balance

June 09, 2022 Gray Cook and Dr. Lee Burton Season 5 Episode 56
Movement Podcast
Bettering Your Body's Balance
Show Notes

Today, we welcome our guest, Dr. Phil Plisky.

Phil is a physical therapist, athletic trainer, and strength and conditioning coach. He's an Associate Professor of Physical Therapy at the University of Evansville, Co-Founder of the Professional Rebellion, and performance systems consultant in professional sports and in the military. His research in movement testing and injury prevention led him to develop the Y-Balance Test and Move2Perform software.    

On this episode, we discuss balance. We cover why balance is important, how we measure it, signs you may have bad balance, and how you can improve it.

So get your bearings for this episode of the Movement Podcast – powered by FMS. 

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