Movement Podcast

Heal the Body and Stop Chasing Pain

September 22, 2022 Gray Cook and Dr. Lee Burton | Dr. Perry Nickelston Season 5 Episode 63
Movement Podcast
Heal the Body and Stop Chasing Pain
Show Notes

Today, we welcome our guest, Dr. Perry Nickelston. Perry is a Chiropractic Physician focusing on performance enhancement, corrective exercise, and metabolic fitness nutrition. 

He is also an expert in myofascial, orthopedic, medical and trigger point soft tissue therapy and the founder of Stop Chasing Pain. 

On this episode we discuss the importance of the lymphatic system, self-care vs self-treatment, how the body’s systems work together, and Perry’s top four places he likes to start when treating his patients.

So let’s get going with this episode of the Movement Podcast – powered by FMS.

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