Movement Podcast

What's SUP with Paddle Board Fitness?

October 20, 2022 Gray Cook and Dr. Lee Burton | Brody Welte Season 5 Episode 65
Movement Podcast
What's SUP with Paddle Board Fitness?
Show Notes

Stand Up Paddle Boarding has exploded in popularity in recent years and offers many great health benefits while enjoying life outdoors.

Today, Gray sits down with an expert on the matter, Brody Welte. Brody founded PaddleFit in 2008 and is a gold-winning coach with team USA. He’s worked with numerous pro and non-professional athletes over the years, and has created a globally respected paddle coaching system and culture.

On the show they cover how the definition of fitness has evolved over the years, the importance of breathing in movement, why Stand Up Paddling is a great cross-training activity, and some tips and benefits on getting into paddleboarding and watersports.

So let’s get going with this episode of the Movement Podcast – powered by FMS.

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