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On Par With Your Golf Movement

July 02, 2020 Gray Cook & Dr. Lee Burton / Guest Dr. Greg Rose Season 1 Episode 7
Movement Podcast
On Par With Your Golf Movement
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On this episode, Gray and Lee sit down with their good friend, Dr. Greg Rose. Greg is a leading expert in fitness and movement, based out of Oceanside, CA, and a founder of the Titleist Performance Institute, also known as TPI. Greg specializes in working with professional athletes with a focus on golf and baseball.

In this episode, the guys discuss who among them has the best golf game, tips for the casual golfer, the science behind adding distance to your golf swing, and why golf may be the best sport to play right now.

Greg also explains how to know if you are at a higher risk of getting injured and self-checking your mobility and movement when it comes to golf.

They dive deeper for the movement pros, discussing mobility and hypermobility in pro golf and baseball, and how movement issues such as asymmetries can give some pro athletes an actual advantage. We also get an inside look at what Athletes experience at TPI.

We get into Chinese Table Tennis, rock concerts and the athleticism of some front men, the importance of managing rest and recovery, pitch counts, golf warm-ups, state of readiness, and writing new golf swing patterns into your brain.

We close with the craziest golf shots the guys have ever seen.

So let’s tee up today’s Movement Podcast-- Powered by FMS.

Greg's Current Golf Game
Golf during COVID
Tips for Casual Golfers
Gray Discusses Freedom & Control
How Do You Know if Someone Needs More Mobility?
Self Assess and Screen Your Movement
3 Simple Movement Tests for a Casual Golfer
Pain & Risk for Injury
Awareness and Self Regulation
Environment & Equipment Matter
Rock Concerts & Some Front Men's Movements
Mobility & Hypermobility in Pro Athletes
Corey Pavin Example - Mobility or Stability
Local vs Global Testing
Advantageous Asymmetries in Pro Athletes
Greg's Work With China's Table Tennis Team
Asymmetries with Quarterbacks
Rest Time and Recovery
The Neurological System: Grip Strength Tests, Weighted Balls for Pitchers, What Works?
Peter Jacobsen Injury & Athletic Signature Example
Creating New Motor Patterns
Craziest Golf Shots the Guys Have Witnessed