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Movement Mailbag Questions

March 04, 2021 Gray Cook and Dr. Lee Burton Season 3 Episode 25
Movement Podcast
Movement Mailbag Questions
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Welcome to the Season 3 Premiere of the Movement Podcast. 
We’re excited to be back! 
We wanted to start this season off by answering some questions you all have been asking over the past 2 seasons through our website and our social media channels.  

Today we answer your questions and discuss the guys’ opinions on chiropractic adjustments, life hacks they use, coaching your own movement dysfunction, and their favorite forms of manual therapy. This is a great episode for the fitness enthusiast as well as the professional.
If you have a question or topic idea you would like to submit please feel free to DM us @movementpod and follow us for more behind the scene photos and videos. 

We’ve got a packed show today so let’s get rolling with the 
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Show Notes: 

Can I coach myself through movement imbalance?
How to handle those who don't "buy in" into the program?
Life hacks
New techniques in the athletic training world?
Athletic trainer opportunities
Athletic tape?
Chiropractors... opinion on adjustments?
What is your favorite form of manual therapy techniques?