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Working with Fighters

March 11, 2021 Gray Cook and Dr. Lee Burton / Mike Perry Season 3 Episode 26
Movement Podcast
Working with Fighters
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Our guest this week is Mike Perry.  Based in Massachusetts, Mike is the founder and co-owner of Skill of Strength gym,  along with his wife,  Amanda. He has worked with athletes across many professional disciplines and specializes in training “mixed martial arts” fighters.

Today, we discuss with Mike how he found his way into MMA training, programming for combat athletes, advice for those getting started in multidiscipline fighting, and ideas on optimizing a fighter’s movement.

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Performance over independence
How he transitioned his career from soccer athletes to training fighters
Programming for fighters
FMS system and fighting athletes
Movement exploration
A professional fighter's team
The balance of nutrition, rest, and regeneration
The beginner/ hobbyist fighter
How to relate the screen to an athlete's sport