Movement Podcast

The Future of Fitness Training

April 01, 2021 Gray Cook and Dr. Lee Burton | Geralyn Coopersmith Season 3 Episode 29
Movement Podcast
The Future of Fitness Training
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Our guest this week is Geralyn Coopersmith, a pioneer in the group fitness training world. Based out of Oregon, she is VP of Fitness Staff Development at EXOS. She’s worked with big brands throughout her career, spanning from Equinox to Nike to Flywheel Sports. 
She is the author of “Fit and Female” and has shared her fitness expertise on many media productions including: “Simplify Your Life”, the Today Show, Fox & Friends, and the Dr. Oz Show.

She sits down with us to discuss her journey, the evolution of movement in group fitness training, and where she sees the industry heading.

So let’s get going with today’s episode of the Movement Podcast -- powered by FMS.


Mentoring trainers
When education doesn't prepare you
How the fitness trainer has evolved
Gym culture and fitness entertainment
Trainers lacking confidence
Having the right tools
How has her curriculum changed
Functional perspective
The quick changes we can make in a client
Who are trainers now?
Fitness industry is the wild wild west
What is changing in movement?
The future of the fitness industry
Corporate wellness/ Movement snacks