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Movement Mailbag Questions

May 06, 2021 Gray Cook and Dr. Lee Burton Season 3 Episode 33
Movement Podcast
Movement Mailbag Questions
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After a lot of positive feedback from our first mailbag episode, we decided to bring it back. Today we answer questions from you, the listener. 
We discuss movement integrity with marathoners and triathletes, options to improve movement at a desk job,  training hockey players,  working with clients with scoliosis, and much more.
Thank you to everyone who submitted a question. You can always do so on our many platforms, Facebook, Instagram @movementpod, YouTube, or our website. We love to get listener questions and feedback. 
Alright, it's that time of the week... let’s get going with today’s episode of the Movement Podcast -- powered by FMS.


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Purposeful tension in movement
Breathing warm-up
Why the sleeveless shirts?
Gray's favorite manual therapy technique
FMS screening on individuals with Scoliosis
Movement integrity during marathons/ triathlons
Working with hockey athletes
Easy to use strategies you can implement at work