Movement Podcast

What Happened to P.E. Class?

June 03, 2021 Gray Cook and Dr. Lee Burton / Dr. Jenna Gourlay + Jon Torine Season 3 Episode 37
Movement Podcast
What Happened to P.E. Class?
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From running the mile to dodgeball, or just watching from the bleachers,
most of us have an opinion of how we remember P.E. class.
But what does it look like now and should it even be part of a child’s curriculum?
Today, we are joined by Dr. Jenna Gourlay and Jon Torine to take a look at what happened to P.E. class.
We dive into the history of P.E. and how it’s evolved over the years. We look at the serious risks of inactivity, what’s right and wrong with P.E., and how to get kids to buy-in.
Finally, we share ideas on empowering children at all levels and tips to get kids moving, no matter their environment.

So let’s line up single-file and head into today’s episode of the Movement Podcast -- powered by FMS.


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Jenna's experience as a PE teacher
Jon's exposure to PE as a parent
USA values competition and athletics too much
Human needs have to be met
The better kids think they move the more they move
Self limiting exercise
P.E. Curriculum is Wild Wild West
Problem solving skills
The video game industry affect on this generation
The physical changes we've made because our environment
Obesity is a cluster of age accelerators
Start a child's physical education early
Jumping for the Deep Squat exercise
Modeling behavior for our kids
What every backyard should look like
Low cost/ no cost exercises/play for kids
What does Fun mean?
Capacity instead of quality
Pain and the Opioid addiction
Group screening kids
Introducing the FMS to school systems
Breathe, Bend, Balance, Bounce