Movement Podcast

Rehab: Impossible - Part 1

July 08, 2021 Steve Cairns Season 3 Episode 41
Movement Podcast
Rehab: Impossible - Part 1
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Our two-part Movement Podcast season finale kicks off this week with the remarkable story of Steve Cairns.
Steve suffered a stroke and had brain stem surgery in the spring of 2017. Based on his movement background, and now robbed of his ability to walk, he elected to rehab himself.

This is an inspiring story of the human spirit and how he defied all odds on his journey to recovery. To give the full story, we are presenting the season finale in two parts. This week, our own Ashley Forbis sits down with Steve to get the details of what happened.

In next week's part two, Gray and Lee continue the conversation and dive deeper into the reality of this impossible rehab, and what it may unlock for future brain injury patients.

This story is an amazing example of the power of looking at movement our way - so listen in, join the conversation, and share with anyone who needs to hear.
Now let's get going with today’s incredible episode of the movement podcast
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Steve's background
What happened in the spring of 2017?
His memory of day before
What Not to do when having a stroke
His self assessment of his symptoms
"Is it cancer?"
Steve's first thoughts of hope
His experience with FMS
His interest in the neural development sequence
His symptoms and abilities before surgery
Post surgery and his abilities
Crawling and rolling patterns in the hospital
The doctors' expectations for Steve's recovery
His initial attempts of walking
Traditional rehab for brain injury patients
The first few weeks after surgery
He had total belief he would be successful
Set backs: Neural fatigue & negative thoughts
The power of his positive thoughts
The summer of 2017
The climbing wall
6 month post-op appointment
The activities he learned to enjoy and do again
Animal flow and primary patterns
4 years post-stroke and brain surgery