Movement Podcast

Rehab: Impossible - Part 2

July 15, 2021 Gray Cook and Dr. Lee Burton | Steve Cairns Season 3 Episode 42
Movement Podcast
Rehab: Impossible - Part 2
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For part 2 of our season finale, we continue the inspiring story of Steve Cairns. 
Steve suffered a stroke and had brain stem surgery in the spring of 2017.
He elected to rehab himself with astounding results.

This week, Gray and Lee join in on the conversation. We discuss Steve’s military background, what it means to “live your rehab”, how his approach differs from the classic model, and why it may give hope to similar patients seeking alternatives.

So let’s get going  with the Season 3 finale of the movement podcast
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Military Background
Neuro-developmental Sequence
Denying the ego
Living Your Recovery
Classic model treats it as a software problem, not hardware
Steve doesn’t have magic genes
Perception drives behavior
UK solider- brain injury patient
Discussion on rolling and dissociation
The glass ceilings professionals have built
Chelsea story
Steve’s on going recovery journey
FCS Course & neural fatigue
Indian Clubs training
Experts make professional change when it affects them directly
Steve’s next chapter