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Free to Be Pain Free

September 16, 2021 Gray Cook and Dr. Lee Burton | Dr. Kelly Starrett Season 4 Episode 43
Movement Podcast
Free to Be Pain Free
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For our season premiere, we are excited to have Kelly Starrett. Kelly is a physical therapist, strength & conditioning coach, a bestselling author, and co-founder of The Ready State. He’s a friend of the guys, a thought-provoking medical professional, and a true coach at heart... this show is for everyone. 

Today, we dive deep into the subject of pain. The guys break down how we perceive it, how our movement and lifestyles affect it and what we do as clinicians, coaches, and individuals to manage and relieve it. We also discuss if injuries can be prevented.
So get ready for the season 4 premiere of the Movement Podcast- Powered by FMS.


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The dark ages of strength & conditioning
Erosion of Awareness
CrossFit Games vs Hershey Park
Loosing movement possibility
Musculoskeletal Health
Movement problems causing compensation
Finding issues and movement capabilities
Secret Squirrel Program
Put pain back in the conversation & movement minimums
Movement minimums
What are you doing wrong?
The "Pain game" & self soothing
How to have this conversation virtually/ remotely
Common sense for PE teachers, PT's, and coaches
Biopsychosocial model
Conversation of human durability
Progression of the athlete he's witnessed
GPP model
Transferability: The whole is greater than the parts
Own the dysfunctional pattern
Why are we loading a bad foundation?
Turkish Get up - deconstruction
Kelly's definition of exercise
Advice for professionals
The skewed perception of the American public's health
Current research project at Cal Berkley
The next wave of the Masters of Movement
A message to Elite level coaches
The definition of injury/ disability