Movement Podcast

How to Prep for a Pandemic

September 30, 2021 Gray Cook and Dr. Lee Burton Season 4 Episode 44
Movement Podcast
How to Prep for a Pandemic
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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost all aspects of modern society.
Governments have spent trillions fighting it on a global level,
families have tested their flexibility trying to navigate it,
and individuals have been forced to take a hard look at their own personal life choices, but through this adversity, what can we take away from all of this?

Today, we discuss COVID from a movement perspective.
The guys chime in on how our culture handled the pandemic,
give their angle on recent data, discuss long-term effects on our society, and offer up ideas on how we could maximize our chances against COVID-19 and future outbreaks.

So let’s get going with today’s episode of the Movement Podcast -- powered by FMS.


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Physical activity and your immunity
What is considered adequately active?
Using Covid as an excuse to be less active
What has the world learned?
What changes culture?
Vaccines = Vitamins ?
Gray's general recommendation to US population
How do we better the conversation with the public?
Sugar, sleep, & stimulants
Is this the tipping point?
Physical activity as medicine
Social distancing, isolation, quarantine, and lock downs
Balancing stress: physical and mental
The 2 groups that come out of the pandemic
Benefits of working from home
The take away