Movement Podcast

Prioritizing Your Rest & Recovery

October 14, 2021 Season 4 Episode 45
Movement Podcast
Prioritizing Your Rest & Recovery
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Pass out, nod off, shut-eye, catch some z’s, hit the hay, however you say it, sleep is a vital part of our overall health.  It affects our mood, immune system, memory, and even diet.
Today we discuss sleep and its connection to movement. The guys break down what happens when we get quality sleep, and what happens when we don’t. We cover stimulants, stress recovery, what role pain plays in our sleep patterns, and ideas on how to get a better night’s rest.
So rise and shine for today’s episode of the Movement Podcast -- powered by FMS.


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Lee's experience with sleep
Breaking down "sleep"
Stress and its effect on sleep
Advice for recovery
Environmental triggers
Pain and sleep