Movement Podcast

A Movement Brief on Pain Relief

November 25, 2021 Gray Cook and Dr. Lee Burton Season 4 Episode 48
Movement Podcast
A Movement Brief on Pain Relief
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For years, advertising has told us, “Don’t let pain hold you back.”

We quickly reach for meds and gimmicks to get us through the day. But are we causing more harm than good? 

On this episode, we discuss pain management. We explore how we deal with discomfort, and ways to find the root of the issue.

We cover acute vs. chronic pain, inflammatory foods, behavior modification, and give some ideas on how to get pain cleared up and get you and your clients moving well. 

So get ready for another episode of the Movement Podcast-- powered by FMS.


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Cover Up Pain?
Define Pain
Acute Vs Chronic Pain
MSK Risk Factors
What Happens If We Ignore Pain?
Inflammatory Foods
Causation Vs Source
Mailbag Questions